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Diets, hyenas and Doom

Social media is a great way to get information, but people need a filter and to be educated on what some of the problems may be when looking at health-related information and trying to make judgments or decisions about what might be best for them, Haub said. That’s why you should not choose a diet based on what’s trending, instead, get informed about the diet or lifestyle and consult your physician before making the change, Haub added. The study was published in the journal Cell Metabolism. Related Articles I agree to the terms and conditions Your comments are automatically posted once they are submitted.
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Diet Trends Must Not be Followed Blindly: Experts

What scientists say: Good:A 2012 study of Seventh-Day Adventists in California found that vegetarians had fewer gastrointestinal cancers, especially among lacto-ovo vegetarians, and that vegetarians who also ate http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/01/13/idUSnHUGdsQR+73+ONE20140113 fish had some protection against respiratory and urinary cancers. Bad:Vegetarians should plan carefully to ensure they are getting the appropriate amounts of nutrition, especially iodine, protein, iron and Vitamins B-12 and D. Getting these necessary nutrients is a little easier for vegetarians who consume eggs, milk and cheese, so this shouldnt be too much of a problem. Chow-hall tips:Yes.
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Diet face-off: How 7 nutrition trends stack up

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